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<nettime> Oliver Leistert: "Blockcian as a Modulator of Existence"

Now that we have at length (and at leisure) trashed the blockchain on this list, I suddenly stumbled on the first text that made sense of it, to me at last. Unfortunately, it paints a very dystopian picture of the possibilities of the blockchain.

The advent of the blockchain as a protocological internet layer for values corresponds to a continuing monetization pressure and ongoing expansion of identification strategies. Notwithstanding these trajectories, behind this prospected killer application resides first of all a sovereign chronological regime that has the capacities to proof and modulate the existence, identity and administration of data, assets, goods and services from a distance on micrological scales.


It is long, but it is very worthwhile (immo). In the end I could not escape the conclusion that the Blockchain indeed makes sense: as the slowly being implemented instrument of final accumulation by dispossession, with the '1%' terminally appropriating everything that is with the '99%', and in the end their very lives as well. That a monstruous combination of ubiquitous networking (and surveillance), Internet of Things, cryptocurrencies, and probably nanotech for good measure, is on the verge of taking over, all 'powered' by the Blockchain as immutable and irrevocable timestamp of every human move, bringing the scenario of the film 'In Time' closer than ever.

So the Blockchain is no Bullshit after all? Rather an extremely dangerous Weapon of Math Destruction which should be prohibited just like personnel mines or weaponized gas? Is this the 'see you in 10 years time' Oli wat talking about? (vs Carsten)

Not very much to cheer about
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