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Re: <nettime> How do we govern ourselves? (was: Mechanical Turkish)

On Fri, Feb 02, 2018 at 07:32:33AM -0600, Blake Stimson wrote:
> more and more varied cultural consumption than other generations and less
> access to power than other generations. Like any such generational marker,
> its realism for them is a badge of honor and a measure of strength and
> accomplishment.

In the age of Internet-based democracy it is striking how the trash
generation rather identifies with its pointless netflix consumption
rather than with the potential to actually change things. Industry
is doing active manipulation to make young people think that taking
to the streets has zero impact, when in fact the mechanisms of the
EU, for instance, are still very sensitive to street demonstrations
if accompanied by a viable course of action in their message. "Stop
watching us" couldn't work, but "Give us an Internet that can't spy
on us" might.

> On Thu, Feb 1, 2018 at 2:24 PM, Brian Holmes <>
> > The core question of a democratic society is not "how do I become free?"
> > Rather it is "how do we govern ourselves?" Crucially that means: with which
> > institutions, under which rules, backed by which constraints [and, I would
> > add, which power]? If you do not answer these questions - as the entire
> > anarcho-libertarian spectrum including myself did not, throughout the
> > neoliberal period - well, then it turns out that others, like the Koch
> > brothers or Cambridge Analytica, will attempt to answer it for you.

Not frequently, but occasionally I see people coming up with concepts,
how to make democracy resistant against technological deconstruction,
how to improve our abilities of self-governance. And I have focused on
these topics with my legislational ideas to impede the net from having
totalitarian insights into our lives and participation technologies
that can make any group of people take decisions together rather than
delegating to some elected representatives... but then there seem to be
so few people to pick up these candles in the night.. they rather get
distracted by the meme of the year or drown their heads in trash fiction.
In the age after TV, is unreflected entertainment stronger than ever?

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