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Re: <nettime> Mechanical Turkish

But didn't the tech-savvy non-right (I can't bring myself to use idiotic terms as "left", "progressives", "liberals", "democrats") make a bet that slicing the society into micro-groups ("left-handed transsexuals" etc.) and managing these gullible groups with the high-tech networked systems, is the winning strategy for the 21st century?

They lost the bet.

It turned out that the right can also master the networks, and use them to successfully proselytize their own mega-groups (nations, races, continents). Micro groups have zero chance in confronting these, given the equal C&C fabric, and it is equal now.

The identity politics is dead - perhaps will maintain the body temperature on life support for a year or so. All strategies and expertizes developed around navigating it are useless. The non-right is not even a zombie - it can't bite and infect s*it.

So what is the historical moment? (and I agree that it is the historical moment.) What will the resurgence of mega-groups bring?

For those paying attention, it is the right that is introducing terms "surveillance capitalism", "class warfare", "ruling class", "authoritarian" on the national TV.

Perhaps it's time to get over the lipstick on the dead pig, and invest in modulating the right. Affect hundreds of millions instead tens of thousands.

"Politics begin where the masses are, not where there are thousands, but where there are millions, that is where serious politics begin." - V. I. Lenin.

Because contrary to what the far-right is doing, imposing homgeneity as
identity, it is precisely the chance of the historical moment, with it's
particular configuration of the "mode of production" (aka networked
digital technologies) that sustain a new relationship between
individuality and collectivity.

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