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<nettime> Public Good App House Festival - Free 3 day event in DC - Nov 13-15 - NetTime

Hey there net for good pioneers around the world. This event might be just what you need to recharge your nettime-l batteries.

Please share this awesome free festival event with your DC/East Coast-area colleagues, students or alumni interested in #tech4good.

To stay in the loop, join the Public Good App House email news list, join the Facebook Group, and/or on Twitter follow Caravan Studios and #PublicGoodAppHouse.

Steven Clift

Below is the one-pager on the event. Grab the PDF version if you'd like to print and post it up.


The Public Good App House Festival will bring together over 300 participants to learn how public good technology projects are positively impacting our communities and our world.

Held over three days and, in festival style, in eight locations, this Washington, D.C. event will provide opportunities for technologists, community activists, professionals from nonprofit organizations and foundations, and interested community members to connect with one another.

They will engage in sessions on participatory development methodologies, learn about active projects in the Americas, and discuss ways to measure and describe collective impact across similar and related technologies that originate across regions.

Attendees will have a chance to learn about innovative social good technologies, how teams are using participatory methodologies, and how we are all measuring impact and systemic change. This global festival will highlight projects focused on the United Nation’s 2030 Sustainable Development Goals with a special focus on projects from the Americas.​


We have recruited speakers from a range of countries and viewpoints.

Our 45+ presenters include:
  • The executive director of a Colombian NGO who will discuss a project focusing on the collection and analysis of air quality data with the engagement of citizens.

  • Social workers from Brazil who will share a project using citizen researchers to validate published government data

  • The co-founder of the U.S.-based Climate Cost Project who will share its work in visualizing climate-related data.

The festival will bring together 300 individuals committed to building public good technology projects. People at the festival will include nonprofit professionals, individuals representing government agencies, foundation staff, application developers, and technology companies. Based on our experience running the successful #Apps4Change demo series, we expect half of the attendees to be from nonprofit organizations and academic institutions.


Public good technologies are designed to help solve problems related to social good. They are issue-facing, citizen-owned, and impact-creating projects. The technology may include mobile apps, browser-based tools, and devices related to the internet of things. While public good technologies can be built by anyone with interest and passion, they often rely on nonprofit organizations for reach and use in a community.

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