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Re: <nettime> Bankruptcy of ideologies ... except one

One should be carefully following 19th CPC National Congress. It's more relevant than Drudgereport.

Tl;Dr: that no one will separate China from its components (Taiwan & South China Sea island) was mentioned 9 times. The Party will maintain strict control of all Chinese politics.

1.4 billion Chinese stand behind this (west-funded jokers like Dalai Lama, Wei Wei etc. notwithstanding.).

0.32 billion Americans stand behind, or against, restroom access for feeblegendered.

0.51 billion EU citizens stand for, or against, immigration and pensions.

0.14 billion Russians stand behind Putin.

The stage is set for war.

Guess who is going to win (hint: those willing to die.)

On 10/23/17, 19:39, Johnatan Petterson wrote:
I don't qualify to answer about ideology.
I am an ignorant as to the communist jargon used by counterpunch.
I don't even like Kant. It's so confused.
But I'd just venture to say that 'the objective conditions' referred to
at the end of the article,
if they are not there, it seems they can be found on the road forward,
obviously, if the Elites in China,
for example, are attracted onwards, they are not appealed by Mao. My
guess (i only know China by West TV)
is that the Institutions, like schools, etc, are still appealed by Mao.
If a Post-Siriza, neo Hardt-Negri constituant power emerges, it is from
people who can go further onwards,
why? because it's the sense of the animal which is Humanity, it's head,
or brain, if you want. The Head is Prospective, it searches.
I reckon' the belly is important, and I say: it is wrong to think that
Archaism and Onwardness contradicts.
That might be , the hidden line for a new future to loom up from
nothingness: this ignorance from the Elites in China or West,
that Archaism, High-Tech, do not contra-dict, and Belly and Nose can
re-shuffle for Humanity's benefit.


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