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Re: <nettime> Barcelona: nationalism, municipalism?

Oh. I generously accept the criticism. I certainly don't know 'theory'
as to what relates to this list aura.

I have an habit to post to Virginia-e (the deleuze-guattari list
there), but not anymore it seems, emptied due to the facebook
plateforms, and may-be the explosion of the deleuze-guattari bubble
into many various directions (Stengers, Harraway, Shapiro, Cvlp, the
object theorists, the french, Agamben, Hubermann etc, etc etc..)

I can understand that it will be hard to understand, in regard to
this explosion, what Theory is, or how in what could it be portrayed.
But I am talking about Philosophers, singularities, lucioles. Now
if the Theory you'r thinking about, is the one concerned by the
excellent work around what I have seen from your peers and yours about
cyberology, it might not be Philosophy.

But there can be 'passerelles', mutual interests from further
developments happening in the many travels. I myself (in my work) do
not i imagine idolize Text, nor Concepts. Concepts, are Ideas being
handled, by Minds of Man I guess.

I try to express my Concepts by Cinema . Yet - as like in this moment
- I use Text to develop relationship with people ( off or 'on' the
Wwww. ) instead than writing a diary. i think it helps me to think
further, but its not the goal i set to myself, of course. And other
ways happen when it comes to think 'deep', than talking on the phone.

Yet in general, I find that the attitude of the experts, and there
should be experts in the EU Parliament deciding Territory in
Catalunya, in Strasbourg or whomever decides for the philosophy behind
the EU Projects noticing how Deleuze (who is one of most recent
philosopher to have developed to such a high degree of refinement in
analysis possibilities, details in conceptualisations) how Deleuze as
Text, as conceptual fabrique, is categorized by these experts, and
seing how stuck the EU is to think its future, how shy, that was the
sense of what i said, we have the people and the emotions, and it
is each citizen who needs to develop an ability to think ("dresser
un peuple de penseurs" Nietzsche) that is the role of theory. But
'references' are important, like Plato or Spinoza, but i admit my
posts being lazy in explanation as to why I mention a name, i don't
want to be a professional philosopher or handler of concepts. And
I do not qualify the talks between the experts in EU politics or
the experts in deleuze, i do not say they are capable to Create, to
Think Creatively (which is not a accumulative slogan on my keyboard)
. For that we need years time, each citizen on his own to study and
experiment, invent one's methods of creation. Solitude is certainly
exceptionally rich in existencial textures. Like the idea of Territory
as a tool to understand the problem in Catalunya, is not a word
I found in Beckett, but years of living and meditation on living
with sensations, which I decided to call such, 'territory' and use
it to evaluate, help others evaluate my life. again, Deleuze , and
Guattari, have reading their texts, it has helped me pay attention
to the 'singular' value behind a word, like this one (Territory) for

Others being the experts in texts and keyboard and conference rooms of
the EU or the Ayutamiento.

So i wondering if 'concepts as productive common denominators' would
you imagine it as a kind of Common Territory (be it happening on the
internet, or in the countryside or the urban landscape?)

Thanks for your gifts, most precious enjoy I they arrived here !

Best Regards,

2017-10-05 10:38 GMT+02:00 Geert Lovink <>:

> I agree with you. Not enough new concepts that impact the future and not
> merely respond and reflect.
> But it not just concepts themselves. There are not enough new ways to
> identify what theory is today and how to agree together on certain concepts
> that make sense and energize people. Concepts as productive common
> demoninators.


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