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Re: <nettime> New "thought rhythms'

There is an interesting little book "Censorship Now!!" by Ian Svenonius, shedding some filtered light on the topic:

As the yuppies took on a long—term project to “gentrify” American
cities and remake them in their own image, the indie groups, typically
the scions of NPR listeners (affluent, decorous, white), took on the
mission to “gentrify” punk. With indie, the independent record
label——instead of being an emotionally driven, “punk” rebel gesture
against major label conglomerates who were considered clueless,
exploitative, and evil—-became a kind of “do—it—yourself” hobby similar
to the restoration projects featured on yuppie fave TV program This
Old House. As an indie label grew from hobby to business, it would
self—consciously mirror major label tactics and business practices,
but infuse them with the homeyness and wholesomeness of Martha
Stewart’s cooking and crafts.

Just as the yuppie colonizers took the rough, downtrodden,
dangerous, sometimes nihilistic city neighborhoods which—though
crushed by neglect——often housed vibrant communities, and “flipped”
them for big bucks by making them palatable to middle—class normals,
so did indie entrepreneurs take American punk and hardcore— similarly
rough, tawdry, and ignored and reviled by capital—with its highly
effective framework of distributors, fanzines, concert promoters, and
community, and remake it into something which could be sold to main-
stream rock fans of a certain class; the very people who had been
abandoned when college rock collapsed.

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On 4 Oct 2017, at 5:58, David Garcia wrote:

Don’t try to dig what we all s-s-say.

Funny you should mention that. Some time back I saw some squib go by in
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