Örsan Şenalp on Wed, 4 Oct 2017 14:32:05 +0200 (CEST)

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Re: <nettime> Barcelona: nationalism, municipalism?

There is a parallel discussion going on over the reaction of
nation-statist forces against Southern Kurdistan's referendum -its
oppression by Turkish, Iranian, and Iraqi ruling classes, given
Russian support. If someone would have asked his opinion probably
Assad would have stood against it too. So curiously enough, although
this could have been used against itself, only Israel openly supported
the referendum, for the Independence of Kurdistan.

There might be some ties between Barcelona and Kurdistan referendums,
as well as between municipal sovereignty movement and the parallel
discussion on 'back to feudalism'. Although principally I do support
both referendums, thinking and hoping that positive end result might
actually provide safety for people from the aggessıon of fascistic
forces of the state. Yet on the other hand, both moves in Kurdistan
and Barcelona I am afraid might trigger even more aggression towards
ordinary people, if these are even slightly linked to agenda of
globalist establishment.

The climate in the world, is very similar to the one of 18th-19th cc
Europe, where dark forces of the ancient regime united against the
bourgeoisie claim for the nation-state and new sovereignty. Now
nation-statists forces of the ancient regime are uniting against the
forces of the new-feudalism.

Ordinary people of the world is an urgent need for a visionary
project, a progressive alternative to all regressive options, and the
bıg war.


On 3 October 2017 at 13:14, Felix Stalder <felix@openflows.com> wrote:

> I think this is much more than identity politics, beyond the point that
> all politics that aim at a certain broad, popular support, are also
> about identity. That is, they need to address the questions of who are
> "we" and what directions should "our" collective efforts should take.

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