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<nettime> ENDA is for: who want to break free from alienated learning after several years of art schools;


Session XVII, 2017-2018

Ecole nationale d’art (ENDA) is a graduate school for research and experimentation in art. It is the educational branch of the Biennale de Paris.

ENDA offers to its researchers, a course of study that aims to liberate them from the inherited ideas of 20th century art, and proposes an inquiry into the crucial issues of 21st century art, whose history is now unfolding and in which they might eventually participate.

ENDA is for:

– those want to complete their training;
– who want to participate at the Biennale de Paris;
– who want to change their artistic practice or professional activity and experience of life;
– who wish to play a role in an art which is doing right now;
– who want to break free from alienated learning after several years of art schools;
– who reject art as it is commonly practiced;
– who expect more from a school than a framework for artistic production;
– who wish to work on essential issues in experimental conditions;
– who are looking for a stimulating context and wish to have encounters leading to potential collaborations;
– who wish to find new resources;
– for eccentric, atypical and curious people;
– for those who have been excluded from art schools due to their age, the expensive cost or other reasons.

ENDA welcomes participants with very different profiles: artists, architects, managers, historians, landscape architects, people which work in cultural policies, curators, photographers, philosophers, politicians, sociologists, scientists, theoreticians, writers.

A certain number of candidates are recruited each year, worldwide, according to established criteria.

Submit an application:

Deadline for the submission of applications:
August 25, 2017

Ecole nationale d’art (ENDA)
Admissions Office

Biennale de Paris
Hôtel Salomon de Rothschild
11 rue Berryer
75008 Paris
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