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<nettime> Down with moderation

This is a good time to say that nettime hasn't been moderated for the
last several weeks -- since July 4th, to be exact. We didn't announce
the change because it didn't seem necessary. Inward-looking meta-debates
about moderation on nettime have always been at least partly boring, and
they were sometimes destructive -- so why invite another one? Why not
let them fade away with moderation?

Whatever you think about nettime now, it seems safe to say that the list
would have ceased to exist long ago if it hadn't been moderated. But
over time, as the list has become sleepier, the benefits of moderation
have become fewer. And, as Keith's message shows, moderation has
downsides -- for example, uncertainty about whether some messages have
gotten lost in the shuffle.

Over the last years, moderation -- to a large extent -- consisted of
menial tasks such as rejecting oneliners and ask people who submitted
bare URLs to write a brief intro and post the entire content into the
mail, since the nettime archive is, actually, an archive. So, we ask you
do keep this in mind -- along with all the rest -- when posting to

Also, for all the people who care about nettime, think about inviting
new people to post their own interesting material.

So, for now at least, any message from a subscriber should immediately
appear on the list. Non-scubscribers' messages are held for manual
approval. If anyone seems to be abusing the list, we'll flag their
address so their messages need to be manually approved.

the mod squad,
Felix, Ted, and Doma

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