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Re: <nettime> [spectre] the EU's first rogue state

On 10/Aug/17 06:32, heath bunting wrote:
i support any nation state that attempts to dis-engage from use empire eg
hungary, as the empire is the greatest law breaker and threat to global

But, really, Heath, does the altogether expected and ongoing collapse of the Amurikan Empire signal the demise of the concept or actuality of "Empire"? Smaller and less materially extensive nation-states only decrease the scale that hegemonic and conflictive events occur within (if, indeed it does that, they have a habit of causing wider conflagrations).

There is an increasing Void surrounding the collapse, and, guess what, something is filling it: China. And they have the population base to extend politico-cultural hegemonies at a granular human-to-human level globally in a way that is less obsessed with appearances (US) and more with actual changes on the ground that more directly benefit the 'Middle Kingdom'. They have unlimited funding for the military: (see, for example, the choreography of, as a signal of merely 12K of 2 million troops, on a remote base: the US could hardly mount such a display, despite the 'size/strength' of their military)...

The ideology pedalled (and 'enforced'!) by the US is/was not nearly as compelling as Confucian State Capitalism!

There will be many laws broken in the future by the next Imperial masters ... and peace, in the face of asymptotically increasing resource competition will exist as only a dream for another world ...

Where Europe sits in all this whether fragmented or whole will depend on the actual ebbs and flows of power between all players at all scales.


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