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<nettime> Let's re-think Modern Marxian Critique of Global (cultural-gender-enviromental-informational-transnational...)

   Dear all,

   Sharing an in progress call text, towards collectively re-imagining and
   re-building a (Wiki)encyclopedia, today, for the emancipation of the
   oppressed peoples/classes by and for themselves. It is supposed to be
   part of a common resource, a bibliography, part of an effort to build
   up a broader self-education and self-learning (by the oppressed)
   structure, 100 years after Alexander Bogdanov made his initial call at
   the all-Russia ProletKult congress in Moscow (https://www.academia.edu/16448605/Science_and_the_Working_Class_Bogdanov_1918_).

   Working title of the project is P2P, the Commons, and Tektological
   Critique of Global Political Economy at the moment, and draft text can be read here:

   And here where we try to develop an argument, which is also in
   progress, behind the call: https://www.academia.edu/33142201/The_Bogdanovite_Turn_Call_for_a_Tektological_Rethinking_of_Modern_Marxian_Critique_of_Global_Political_Economy_from_an_Organizational_Point_of_View

   This is an accompanying co-mapping project: Tektology of the
   Emergent Transnational Managerial Class and the Demise of Capitalist
   World System: From Imperialism to Cyber Imperialism, the Current
   Highest Probably the Last Stage of Capitalism

   Any feedback and contribution is more then appreciated!

   In solidarity

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