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<nettime> Technoshamanism in Aarhus - rethink technology and shamanism


On *August 12, 2017 from 14:00 to 22:00* there will be a
technoshamanism meeting in Dome of Visions <>,
Aarhus, Denmark.

The purpose of the meeting is to unite people who are interested
in the combination of DIY technologies such as free software and
permaculture with ancestral, ancestorfuturist and shamanistic
practices. We are calling all the cyborgs, witches, heretics,
technoshamans, programmers, hackers, artists, alchemists, thinkers and
everyone who might be curious to join us and explore the possiblities
of combining ancestral and indigenous worldviews with the looming
disasters of the anthropocene.

If you feel attracted by the combination of these terms, techno
+ shamanism and ancestrality + futurism and if you’re worried
about the destruction of the Earth and the hegemony of capital and
neoliberal ontologies, this event is for you. In view of Aarhus’
slogan as European Cultural Capital of 2017, the theme of this event
could be: Rethink ancestrality and technology!

We welcome all proposals for rituals, musical and artistic
performances, talks, discussions and technological workshops. Please
send your proposal to

The proposal needs to be short (250 words) with your web site (if any)
and a short bio.



The verbal talks will be structured as roundtable discussions with
several participants which are recorded and simultaneously live streamed
as Internet radio.


  * TECHNOSHAMANISM – What is it?
  * Ancestrality and ancestrofuturism
  * Experiences from the II International Festival and other events
  * Immigration and new ontologies arriving in Europe
  * Self-organizing with free software and DIY technology
  * Your proposal!


A collaborative DIY ritual to end the event – bring costumes, proposals,
visual effects, ideas and musical instruments.

We welcome proposals for all kinds of performance, rituals and
narratives along the lines of this open call – all proposals to be sent
to <>.


When we have received your proposals, we will organize them and publish
a detailed program around August 1, for the discussions and workshops as
well as for the rituals.


If you don’t live in Aarhus and need accomodation, that can be arranged
(for free). Bring your sleeping bag!


This encounter is organized by Carsten Agger, Beatriz Ricci, Fabiane M.
Borges and Ouafa Rian.


Tecnoshamanism is an international network for people interested in
living out their ideas in everyday life while focusing on open science,
open technology, free and DIY cosmological visions and feel the
necessity of maintaining a strong connection to the Earth as a living,
ecological organism.

In recent years, we have had meetings in Spain, England, Denmark,
Ecuador, Colombia, Brazil, Germany, and Switzerland. In November 2016,
we had the II International Festival of Tecnoxamanism in the indigenous
Pataxó village of Pará in Bahia, Brazil. The purpoose of this meeting is
to discuss technoshamanism as outlined above and to strengthen and grow
this network, hopefully reaching out to new partners in Denmark and
beyond. The network is based in Brazil but draws inspiration from all
over the world.

You can find more information on technoshamanism in these articles:

  * Technoshamanism and Wasted Ontologies

  * Installing Baobaxia at the II International Festival of



This event is supported by Digital Living Research Commons
<>, Aarhus University

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