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Re: <nettime> Can the Left Meme?

[I was looking for patterns. The proposition that in the grand scheme of things everything is connected, mixed, gray-shaded, and therefore essentially the same, will not fly until the thermal death of the universe, when everything will be the same (contingent on one's position on the cosmological constant.) We are not there yet, and there are still distinguishable differences.]

Two phenomena are very new - several decades - and there is no way that societies have reached any equilibrium regarding these, we are still in the violent transition:

1. Capability of a very small number of people (few dozen?) to kill thousands and millions, within days, without having to go through any social interaction with the rest of own population (note the conspicuous absence of declarations of war since WW2 ... by anyone who matters.) They just decide and go on with it.

2. Capability of a very small number of people (few hundred?) to overwhelm the input bandwidth of the entire planet's population, so that it has more influence on a person than whatever that person's immediate neighbors are saying. This is the age on DoS (and it's not even DDoS.)

I think that the left and the right made their bets on these two, and they made different bets.

The left relies more on indoctrination, and recently it switched from ideologies (Marxism) to more easily managed identity politics, genderism, environmentalism, global warmingism. The right sticks more to mechanisms that have a gun at their far end, such as debt, free enterprise, multi-tiered legal systems.

However, it is the fact that the two are inevitably coalescing into the single entity, and the ensuing gravitational waves are felt all around the place, as everyone struggles to stay above the event horizon. Fun times.

On 6/17/17, 08:40, John Hopkins wrote:

It could be that in this time of energy glut and technological
development, individual speech exacts a minimal overall 'cost' on the
(collective, species-wide) evolutionary process. But in the end, word
(rationality) and action (violence, reward), as a social/evolutionary
process cannot be separated or maintain a separation as you suggest
with the left/right dialectic...

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