Wolfie Christl on Sun, 11 Jun 2017 00:19:19 +0200 (CEST)

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Re: <nettime> Networks of Control, a summary of today's surveillance

Hi nettimers,
I published a new report on the inner workings of today's personal data
industries, surveillance capitalism, pervasive real-time social sorting,
data-driven persuasion, and the convergence of data analytics for
marketing and risk decision-making.

It is a follow-up to the below mentioned "Networks of Control" piece and
includes a 93 page PDF report, as well as an (easier-to-read) web
publication with illustrations:

Cheers from Vienna,

On 09.10.2016 15:47, Wolfie Christl wrote:
> Hi nettimers,
> I wrote an extensive report on how today's online platforms, data
> brokers, credit reporting agencies, insurers, app developers and tech
> companies are collecting, analyzing, sharing and making use of vast
> amounts of personal information, together with my co-author Sarah
> Spiekermann from Vienna University of Economics and Business. Our report
> is based on years of research and 900 sources, and shows how networks of
> companies are constantly tracking, profiling, categorizing, rating and
> affecting the lives of billions in real-time – across platforms, devices
> and life contexts. It does not only expose the full degree and scale of
> today’s personal data industry, but also contains tons of examples about
> the practical use of predictive analytics and scoring in fields such as
> insurance, personal finance, employment, political campaigning or fraud
> prevention, and shows how data-driven decisions on people lead to
> discrimination and social exclusion.
> It's available as an open-access PDF download (and as a book):
> http://crackedlabs.org/en/networksofcontrol
> Sorry for pointing to my own publication, but I believe it could be a
> useful contribution to some of the debates on nettime in recent years.
> Feedback welcome!
> Cheers from Vienna,
> Wolfie

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