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Re: <nettime> A FIELD GUIDE TO THE SNOWDEN FILES > new BG, book out

It isn't just financial gains. It's cultural too. A handful of people
have access to something which others have not seen, from which they
make art pieces, get shows, get published, and propel their careers

Laura Poitras had an art show in a fancy museum and had little
peep-holes from which you can glance at some of the Snowden docs.
Maybe there's no money being made with this, but at the Whitney? How
long til there's a MoMA show on the surveillance machine? Til a museum
adds some of these pieces, or derivative works, to their permanent
Maybe the event was meant to inform the public, or to achieve some
sort of rallying effect, or to provide some sort of guide or context
toward a world post governmental spy machine, I'll give the benefit
of the doubt, but that's where I'm saying the 35-euro price tag is an
utter hindrance. Seems like it's made by the art world for the art
world, an artifact of an event. And like I said, I know it costs money
to publish things. But a digital copy doesn't cost anything. Release
both. And okay people spent their time making the work, compiling it,
formatting it, etc. But that's just extraction. Art as commodity, as
token of fiscal or cultural value.

I'm not trying to troll, at all, but to me It just seems like lots of
people have lots to gain while offering nothing forward other than
their gain.

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   C'mon guys - has nettime really sunk so low as to offer such troll
   like picking on an independent publisher like Berliner Gazette, whose
   editor made one of the first public calls for releasing the files in
   the first place?!


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