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Re: <nettime> merkel, macron: europe on its own

The evolution of the attitude towards nuclear war from terrible
(1946+) through unthinkable (1970s) into impossible (2000+) is a
testament to the power of Kool Aid. While the planet was continuously
and uninterruptedly ruled based on the military power balances alone,
the public discourse ballooned into the 'we got more civilized'
stratosphere. This is the most serious sin of the thinking class(es).

The idea that the two major powers will recede into the oblivion just
because of some risk of the nuclear winter is plain silly (there are
several good books on US gang wars in the early 20th century - very
educational.) It's more likely that they will reach (if they haven't
already) an agreement. Few radioactive wastelands here and there will
serve as a long reminder what happens when 'prosperity and economy'
entrants meet fusion. Come to think of it, it is the cheapest option

next history-changing economic expansion, while the US lurks in the
bathroom contemplating resentment and Russia follows its chosen path
to stifling authoritarianism on the verge of social death.

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