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Re: <nettime> Fwd: Neoliberalism & alt-rght trolls

On 2017-05-26 00:00, Florian Cramer wrote:
> On Thu, May 25, 2017 at 3:30 PM, Gabriella "Biella" Coleman <
>> wrote:
>> I hope people did not actually think I am claiming the right and new
>> (and Internet-enabled) manifestations of it don't exist out of the
>> United States. That was not my point about the chans/alt-right. And 
>> sure
>> it can take off and kick off in those parts, though it has not done so
>> yet and it's just a bit harder compared to Anonymous which was begging
>> for adoption due to its early activist configuration.
> It has done so in the Netherlands, with the full package of chan
> culture, Pepe memes and a politician of the extreme right rising
> in the elections literally wearing Pepe on his shoulder - no, not
> Wilders but the still-less-known Thierry Baudet and his new FvD party.
> (Coincidentally or not, the leaders of the Dutch Pirate Party defected
> to this party in late 2016, as I just recently learned from friends
> who are more in the loop.)
> -F

All true (and put more rationally than my usual NL-bashing - no
apology, though ;-)

Thanks God, NL is a small country, because, with Thierry Baudet, and
the attraction he exercises in the country, one reaches the depths in
terms of dark intellectual and political matter.

Baudet is a young, dynamic, and highly certified intellectual/academic
'political pundit' (OK, if very thin, Wikipedia entry : - and check out pics,
they tell 1000 words)

His alleged assertion to the effect that he is "the most important
intellectual of his generation in the Netherlands" might,
unfortunately, be justified. He is surely the most famous one. With
him, we have a kind of belated, Dutch version of the French 'nouveaux
philosophes' (Glucksmann, BHL, etq) - with a vengeance.

Thierry Baudet is very careful to 'tactically' keep his distance
towards Geert Wilders' demagogic approach (Wilders is another case of
not being really what he appears - continuing a method launched by Pim
Fortuyn - who had more panache). But he panders to exactly the same
constituencies' retrograde sentiments.

His well-known opinions against the EU, non-Western immigration,
and in favor of a return to a nationalist nation state, are in
my view not as frightening as is less publicised ones: a craving
for an elected dictatorship, which in NL would not be a 'strong
man' a la Theresa May ;-) but a collective of regents, as there
were so many when the 'VOC Mentality' (yet another Dutch wannabee
intellectual aberation) reigned supreme in the Low Countries (as in:

- and, just as in our 'Golden Era', the reinstitution of the death

On his blog ( - in Dutch) nettimer Walter
van der Cruijsen is a regular and perceptive analyst of Baudet's
not-so-subliminal messages. Maybe he could be persuaded to go a bit
more into this weird UTO ...

cheers from Bruksel, now vacated, together with his 'Beast', by 'the 
Donald' (pity Sicily ...)

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