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(fyi, just crossed my screen:)

The FC⚡MC is the media center for critical minds and committed hearts
during the G20 summit in Hamburg. From July 4th to 9th you find all
information about the FC⚡MC here. This site will provide access to live
streams, press conferences, information about the protests and an
archive of produced audio and/or video magazines, interviews and essays.

The FC⚡MC is a collective initiative that emerged out of different
networks of people. The media center's programmatic idea is to offer
bloggers and twitterers, editorial collectives and staffs, video
activists, free radios, precarious media workers and established
journalists a media production space that is much cooler than the
official G20 media center and to facilitate from this offering a change
in the media coverage during the G20 summit in Hamburg.

The FC⚡MC will be located in the FC St. Pauli stadium. There it provides
areas for media production and organizes opportunities for interviews
with experts and activists from and on the G20 countries. The media
center offers spacious social corners to discuss and exchange
information about the G20 summit and the protests against it. It will
produce a constant flow of deviant, critical, decentering news via
social media, press conferences and video streams.

The FC⚡MC understands itself as a material-semiotic device to reclaim
journalism for social justice and to free it from the suffocating
embrace by states, corporate PR and commercial interests. As such, the
FC⚡MC is a meta-medium to reinvent critical media, news and reporting.

In the current confusion of meanings and perception, the FC⚡MC uses the
open cracks these confusions provide and rejects one single meaning for
its name. While the MC in FC⚡MC came to unambiguously mean MEDIA CENTER,
the FC part will change its meaning depending on a multitude of
influences, such as the developments during the G20 summit, or the
quality of the coffee served in the media center.

Thus, FC might mean Free Critical, For Context, Free Communication,
Future Commons, Fruitful Collaborations, Friends of Critic, Finalize
Capitalism, Flowing Capacities, Freedom Care, Flowing Communism, or even
Fight Creationism. But remember: these are just suggestions from the
outside. The FC⚡MC itself, in its autonomy and autology, might choose
different ones.

>From the seats of the FC St. Pauli stadium you can partake in its press
conferences, from inside the castle you can produce media items and
distribute them globally via networking and streaming capacities that
the FC⚡MC provides. But beyond technicalities, the FC⚡MC is about a
change of perception. This is why it can be understood as a call for the
production of views that go beyond the g20-problem and to instigate
broadcasted discussions about the worlds we live in, the worlds we want
to live in and how to get there.

In sum, the FC⚡MC contains social spaces to work together, to get to
know colleagues and to exchange latest information about on-going
demonstrations and protests. It will offer space for around one thousand
media workers, artists and performers. In addition, correct coffee and
superior correct food will be served for reasonable prices. The FC⚡MC is
free of charge. No fees have to be paid to join. It might accept
donations, depending on their origins.

Be part of it! Reinvent critical journalism in times of affective
populism! The FC⚡MC is the shared common device to accomplish this!

The FC⚡MC opens its doors on the evening of July 4th and will not close
until July 9th 2017. If you want to use the FC⚡MC as a production
facility, please register ahead at join.fcmc.tv.

Access to press conferences is open to all press card holders. Please
subscribe for notifications and see our press release from May 12th 2017
(german version)

The FC⚡MC Crew

Contact: contact@fcmc.tv | OpenPGP Key, Fingerprint: E8D5 674D 0471 BFEC
DD66 5370 2F30 4D99 055C D5CE

Social Media: Twitter: @fcmc_tv | Mastodon: @fcmc_tv@nog20.social (Join
the NoG20 Mastodon at https://nog20.social)

Visit FC⚡MC website via Tor: http://7ykpmz57ptqg3l6g.onion


FC⚡MC | Imprint/Impressum | Press releases

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