Alexander Bard on Mon, 24 Apr 2017 21:52:52 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime> The meaning of Macron (short answer: Tocqueville in France)

   The Nordic countries' and Germany's social democratic parties have
   interestingly enough often been accused of "selling out to the
   neoliberal world order" but were the only ones in Europe to withhold
   the populist storm of the past 20 years while even often remaining or
   having gained in power and influence. I would rather acknowledged their
   success to an orderly pragmatism and a willingness to compromise with
   socialliberalism when needed during this period of strength for liberal
   capitalism due to ultra-fast globalisation and digitalisation. This is
   evident in their refusal to bow for extreme nationalism and other forms
   of really non-leftist populism. And in the utter lack of corruption
   scandals among these parties. Their main argument besides the socialist
   call for "justice" has been their excellent capacity to govern
   responsibly. Something I see utterly lacking both with France's
   Socialist Party and Britain's Labour after Blair and Brown. You don't
   win elections unless you come across as capable of governing. Which is
   why I regard any "leftist party" which can not balance the state check
   books as a fraud. Tax the rich if you like, and then spend more on the
   poorest and on infrastructure which all citizens gain from. But govern
   with responsibility. Politics is worthless unless it is sustainable.
   Especially for The Left.
   Best intentions
   Alexander Bard

   2017-04-24 18:34 GMT+02:00 Alex Foti <>:

   Dear Alexander and All,
   your spot-on remarks (!) make me wonder about the future of social
   democracy, something Castells pondered in a recent editorial:

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