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Re: <nettime> Armin Medosch (1962-2017)

Le 25/02/2017 à 08:30, Andreas Broeckmann a écrit :

> This thread on nettime has become, with its autobiographical
> reminiscences, somewhat of a collaborative portrait to which I also   
> want to add.

In learned one week ago that that type of collective writing in memoriam
to somebody is called in french "un tombeau" (same word as for a grabe).
This collection of poems (or texts)  drawing a portrait of a disappeared
poet, was well known at Renaissance time, made a comeback in the XIXth
century, and is still there today. I did something similar, without
knowing the form and the name, 3 years ago when my companion Pascal flew

I am very sad to hear that Armin is gone. Another member of our original
internet galaxy is gone. We are multitudes but we loose a lot
planet-marchers along the way. Probably better for him to go quickly
cause the fucking crab is not gentle with its victims. Still remember his
colored kitchen in London and am sure that Armin is not far and can read
more than our words.


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