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Re: <nettime> Armin Medosch (1962-2017)

I think it was Manu, when I visited her and Mukul recently in London,
that told me Armin was not so well. I thought it would pass, hoped,
wished but I was wrong. Hope is the last to die, but when it did made
me cry all night.

Armin was a brother. Despite being older, he never ever felt like
patronising. We knew each other through contacts with some reggae
soundsystem in Brixton, he hosted the first dyne:bolic development
team around 2002 or 3, we were 20 years old stinking of roman teargas
and slept like punk puppies on the moquet. I think it had red moquet,
the place in HAckney where he lived with Shu Lea.

I was so attracted by him. He could always make me feel comfortable
and at home, like it can only happen with a brother or sister you
are happy to share a life, or a tiny room, or a piece of stale bread
together. When he was back to Vienna he didn't wanted to meet everyone
at once and needed an hideout to write, he told me. So for a period we
lived together at Fugbach, an appt. I was sharing with August Black
and many others. Sharing a living space with Armin was fantastic, our
rythms just clicked in, we spent 12 or more hours a day writing and
the rest cooking and smoking big fat joints and laughing and talking
and dreaming.. JAH bless Armin and his spirit of liberation, he was
inspired by the best reggae roots music straight for Jamaica, I still
have his golden mp3 collection and is an absolute gem. He was my
Solomon Gundie and my Sugar Daddy and my beloved brother Armin.

I am destroyed by his death. Please someone do something about his
VHS collection of the Stubnitz times, he really wanted to have it
digitised and archived better...I can't do anything but cry now. I
miss Armin like I miss my brother.

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