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Re: <nettime> Make Donald Duck Again

The edge-based curating never took on.

It started with Usenet, where, although most clients had rather sophisticated filtering mechanism, the users were not happy with abuse/trolling/spam existing in the first place. It was not sufficient that one simply does not see it, because it was locally made invisible. No, it had somehow to be stopped at the source and never reach the network (which caused demise of Usenet in the end.)

Obviously, the perceived authority of the content depended only on the fact that it reached publication. Local curating (although it made the undesirable content practically disappear for all intents and purposes) was not good enough. What mattered was what others might see (as their local curating could be different or not exist at all.)

The similar happened with the Grease Monkey extension for Firefox, which did more or less the same for the Web. Not authoritative.

The main function of mass media is not to inform the end user with news and content. It is to inform the end user what news and content are others seeing.

The way around this could be centralized second-layer network that configures end user client curating, so the user will feel that all subscribers to this second-layer network see the same, and the curating might work (except that the operator of this network will be sued within hours of its launch.)

occurred to me that this is a brilliant idea and I contacted Jan
Gerber in the R&D Department, who delivered within 24 hours a working
Mozilla addon:

Check it out and pass it on.  It should go viral for all I care.

A Chromium addon is in the works.

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