Carsten Agger on Sat, 4 Feb 2017 21:05:57 +0100 (CET)

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Re: <nettime> will someone explain

On 02/04/2017 04:47 AM, Scot Mcphee wrote:

(after the death of Nero) Thus it variously motivated minds, not only
in the city amongst the fathers, the people and the urban soldiers,
but it roused all the legions and their leaders: for the secret of the
empire was divulged - it was possible to create a prince somewhere
other than Rome.

Kinda sums up a lot of the history thereafter.

This is definitely the danger post Trump, to a less extent *with* Trump.

Personally I think that Trump won't make it to dictator. He's far too divisive. His travel ban has been contested in court, and the Department of Homeland Security is no longer upholding it.

The president may write as many executive orders as he like, but the executive branch is not ready to simply disregard the courts yet. This means that building the wall, banning Muslims, etc., will need a lot of legislative work which Trump and his government may have a hard time getting through even a Republican-owned Congress.

There is the danger that he might start a war against Iran or China, just as he might start a trade war against Mexico - but Trump is not a man to lead the country to war. He may have his supporters, but he doesn't have the popular support and credibility even of George W. Bush - he's so polarizing that the country seems likely to become ungovernable if he does something like that.

So unless Trump has got some serious - well - trumps up his sleeve, it seems he's going to be huffing and puffing a lot rather than actually achieving anything - other than destroying the reputation, credibility and economy of the United States, of course.




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