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Re: <nettime> will someone explain

   Ben is on target. Additionally, while it seems there are constitutional
   grounds to challenge quite a few things Trump is doing, it requires not
   only the political will from the other branches to mount the challenge,
   but the further will to force the matter if Trump and others alied with
   the Executive branch refuse to comply with the law. Bottom line, who
   will the army/national guard side with if it turns out that the
   Whitehouse ignores court orders.

   However, I think (hope) it won't come to that. Just in the last couple
   of hours talk of impeachment has been attributed to some Republican
   lawmakers. Ironically, even the Koch Bros. are disenchated now because
   Trump is such a loose cannon, the markets have become very volatile,
   which they don't like. We could end up with Pence, which would suck,
   but at least is less likely to precipitate a multiple front war.
   Probably. I'm still hoping that an impeachment investigation reveals
   far more widespread corruption and more of the Republican leadership is
   caught up.

   And, on the positive side, there is growing cooperation between new
   resistance groups and older ones like Black Lives Matter and LGBTQ
   groups, and some people who were too privileged to realize anyone else
   was suffering are waking up. So we may seem some long-term gains from
   that. I mention these coalitions because they are finally energizing
   some of the democrats enough to push back, and may have a big impact in
   the next elections.

   On Thu, Feb 2, 2017 at 10:34 AM, Ben Birkinbine <> wrote:

        Hi David,
        I'll offer a very brief explanation, but I think it should provide some
        general context for your question.

   Kim De Vries

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