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Re: <nettime> January 30, Time To Wake Up

On 2017-01-31 01:15, wrote: >January 30, Time To Wake Up

>"The media always has taken Trump literally. It never takes him 
>seriously." (Peter Thiel)
>What is beginning to dawn upon Americans is that the exact opposite is true: That by taking
>Trump seriously, they completely misunderstood what he was telling them and vastly
>underestimated his ambition; that instead, each and every announcement of his government
>has to be taken literally.

>Just like his attacks against Hillary Clinton, the New York Times, independent judges, or
>the City of Chicago. Short of a popular uprising, this government will go all the way.
>Shutting down news media, arresting the opposition, suspending the judiciary, tanks in the
>streets? It's all in the cards.  If this sounds like the recent history of Turkey, then
>Americans will have to study that history, look at each of its phases, find out where they
>think it will stop in the U.S., how it will stop there, and what each of them will have to
>contribute, personally, to make it stop.
>Further reading:
>Yonatan Zunger: Trial Balloon for a Coup? Analyzing the news of the past 24 hours.

Hear! Hear!

What can one say more?

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