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Re: <nettime> Conversion disorder of the left


You are right - it is a bone - an inside justification, along "social"
and "religious" lines --(moral) for those also setting up the

However, even the "free" market does not exist in a moral and political
vacuum so while there is too-down rearrangement of hierarchical power
going down and little moral tidbits thrown our way:

--tax money will be stolen to pay for enterprising on HSA, vouchers for
schools, etc.

The Constitution is a precious document and will be fought for in the


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> On Jan 30, 2017, at 8:54 AM, Morlock Elloi <>
> wrote:
> I don't think that this list of fears justifies bothering to run the
> country. There is not enough money in all of that together, those are
> all small incremental operations (and the morality thing will be the
> cost center, not the profit one.) Plus there would be no desperate
> attacks on the new administration if this was the case - this would be
> sticking with the old program (except morality - but no one in the
> ruling circles gives a flying f*ck about about the morality issues -
> that's bone to be thrown to the masses and effects exploited.)

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