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<nettime> Conversion disorder of the left

There is a curious consensus around the newly inaugurated administrator of the US of A:

- Media first supported him to neuter his party, then supported him because of ... whatever;

- The elections were won due to stupid mistakes of opponents. Or fraud. Or Russians;

- The candidate (now a president) did bunch of random things on a daily whim, which miraculously created more support, a weird one-off phenomenon;

- No one can guess what the new administration will do next. It's a huge enigma to all and impossible to predict;

- After getting elected the whimsical random decision making continues, creating chaos;

- etc.

The common thread is absence of agency, intent and planning. The deranged pussy-grabbing minority-bashing small-handed Russian-loving degenerate just had astronomically improbable luck. A headless chicken managed to squeeze into the White House defying laws of thermodynamics. It happens.


Even small organizations, businesses grossing only few millions a year plan for the next 2-3 years. Those over 100 million have 5 and 10 year roadmaps. Companies with revenues in billions try to plan for decades. The theory that people coming from giant businesses use the headless chicken strategy is just not probable.

So why is there no discourse in the progressive/left/MSM circles what this 10 year strategy might be? Is it so scary that it induced hysterical blindness and refusal to acknowledge that such strategy even exists?

One reason is that in the past decade or two the media successfully turned public narrative into 24-hour identity politics items, successfully removing long term agendas from the sight. In the process of doing so, it conditioned not only the target public but also itself.

What we may be witnessing is real politics becoming visible again. Gradually.

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