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Re: <nettime> Resistance (was: 10 Preliminary Theses on Trump)

   And of course withdrawing leaves those who cannot withdraw to take the
   full brunt of the oppression. Lately I have found the most hope in
   standing in support with Black Lives Matter and other resistance
   groups, but I do share your pessimism.

   On Fri, Jan 27, 2017 at 11:23 PM, Patrice Riemens <> wrote:

     On 2017-01-26 16:38, Ian Alan Paul wrote:

     > "Is you 10th thesis calling for a revolution without using the word.
     >   If so why not? Why avoid the word? Has it become tarnished by
     >   carrying too much historical baggage ? Or does te word simply
     >   not cover what it is you are trying to say?"
     > One thing that remains perfectly clear to me is that we lack models
     > for what successfully resistance looks like in the present, and so now
     > is the time for what I would call speculative or experimental
     > resistance.  I think we should be striking out in different directions
     > both as a kind of cartographic activity (as a means of understanding
     > the current configurations/limits/concentrations/flows of power) and as
     > a means of perhaps finding ourselves finally able to, as I say in my
     > text, "make possible that which cannot be under capitalism."

     At the moment capitalism as we know it (do we? ;-) is in such
     turmoil/reconfiguration, principally but not only because of the return
     of (geo)politics, that I am not sure about 'cartographing' it. And with
     regard to 'resistance', I am even less sure, not to say frankly pessimistic.

   Kim De Vries

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