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<nettime> Fwd: January 23, Trump Question #2

Continuing the direct pragmatic responses to the Trump question:

And #2 scenario - via Morgan Fisher:

Once Trump's cabinet is confirmed, time for Pence and a majority of the cabinet to invoke section 4 of the 25th amendment and send Trump on vacation. Pence becomes acting president. Trump will say that he is not suffering an inability and is ready to resume being president, but Pence and his confederate reject this claim and Pence remains acting president. Congress then agrees with a 2/3 vote. Trump will be so humiliated that he resigns. Pence becomes president. Please note that this is not the same as impeachment. It begins with a handful of people not in congress, making it easier for the congress to ultimately go along. 

And Ryan will support it in the congress at a part of deal whereby Pence appoints him vice-president. Pence will be even worse for women than Trump and his extreme views on religion are a threat, but he won't be the danger to international peace and security that Trump is, and so on balance is preferable to Trump. It makes sense for Republicans to do this because they will soon enough realize that in the next election cycle there will be a massive reaction against Trump and other Republicans. The reaction against Pence as president will not be as strong. I hate to suggest anything that could benefit Republicans' hold on the country, but my wllingness to do so is a sign of how fearful I am of the threat that Trump's disordered personality poses at home and abroad.

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> I believe that DJT's impeachment has been pivotal to the Republican intent and strategy since he won the primaries.  
> Thru their unholy alliance they were able to prevail in the 2016 election, as they simply could not win without one another's constituents ( leaving the Russians out of this.)  I am convinced that their strategy for impeachment is already firmly in hand - they just needed DJT to be inaugurated first before the unraveling is initiated and then Pence would be ensured of legitimate (?) succession.  BTW:  let's recall that Pence had mentioned that when he initially saw Christ ( who transformed him from a Democrat to a Republican,) Christ assured him thru a vision that he would be President of USA ( paraphrase.)  Seriously, this has been reported.


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