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Re: <nettime> Nancy Fraser: A Triple Movement? Parsing The Politics...

Thanks Brian

Just came across some really interesting posts on the use of data
analytics. Linked below.

Anyone who is paying any attention will recognise that we are in
a period of crisis. Those with wealth and power are no exception.
I suspect there is an intentional and pre-emptive push to drive
authouritarian sentiment, to secure power, explicitly alligned with
protecting the interests of 'property' ie. the elite, in the name
of law and order, from the threat of the mob (as Hoppe descibes the
rest of us). I don't think it is such a wild idea to consider that
some people in positions of power and priviledge are willing to act
strategicly in this way. Alliances do not have to be explicit, they
can be an alliance of interests, a gamble in a race for power, they
can work out who ends up on top when they get there. How someone goes
about weighing up the odds well thats where data comes in. More on
that below.

On a side note both Mises and Hayek were sympathethic to fascism and
believed that dictatorships were justified in times of crisis, it
should be no surprise that Neoliberals and Libertairians who worship
them could share those same sympathies. Hoppe is just an extremist
example. His ideas are like hitting a wall the notion of essentially
re-establishing a hi-tech feudalism is just insane.

Hayek once said - "Personally, I prefer a liberal dictator to
democratic government lacking in liberalism"

Some more quotes here - You can find the original sources with google
search -

There is no shortage of useful idiots trolling and baiting people on
twitter and the media.
Stoking racial divisions and anti-immigrant sentiment is good old divide
and rule. People are not inherently racist but divisions, the fear of the
other, are being manipulated the question is to what end?

So what do I mean by manipulated.

For a start mid campaign Trump hired Bannon who is now his chief
strategist. Bannon is on the board of Cambridge Analytica their UK
subsidiary was involved in the Brexit campaign and they worked with the
Trump campaign. Jonathan Albright has been doing some really interesting
data analysis. I'm not sure if he can point the finger directly at CA but
nevertheless what he finds reveals that there is sophisticated use of
powerful data analytics to target, track and influence voters including the
use of AI for gaming Google rank, Youtube and so on for political ends.
With two elections in the bag we should assume the worst that this same
kind of high tech manipulation will be deployed for political allies in the
upcoming European elections. After all Le Pen was at Trump towers only last

Start with these 2 posts from  Jonathan Albright in Nov

This first one sets the context -

What’s Missing From The Trump Election Equation? Let’s Start With
Military-Grade PsyOps

This second one is the proof of concept.

He has continued with this analysis in subsequent fascinating posts. Read
them all. Amazing graphics.

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