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Re: <nettime> The Meme Wars

A possibility that nothing has changed in should be examined.

There is a massive power shift, and various ecosystems associated
with the outgoing narrative (most major media conglomerates, democrat
apparatchiks, progressives, "scientists", showcase identity-based
reps), sometimes nominally opposed to each other but in essence
feeding off the same narrative and comfortably adapted to it, see
the new story as fundamentally threatening and are reacting in
various ways, sometimes hysterically. They are confused because their
carefully constructed contradictions have been rejected as a whole.
There is nothing to latch on. Doom is upon us. Let's emigrate to

Both old and new narratives were/are more or less sophisticated
systems of lies, of course, but that is not the issue. The issue is
*whose* lies, who is fluent in them.

What we are seeing now is frantic testing of alternate lies by the
losing side, in hope to find something that can effectively oppose
the new narrative. In this sense, there is a zero difference between
golden shower episode and deeply held positions by the outgoing party
in the past decade (identity politics etc.) They are on the same
level, and their designers are just confused why one worked so well
and the other doesn't, when they all came out from the same bag.

The news may have always been fake.

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