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Re: <nettime> Nancy Fraser: A Triple Movement? Parsing The Politics...

Thanks Felix this is quite useful

A big issue is the polarising nature of politics being characterised
as left or right.

The right are attacking emancipatory forces in general. They make
no distinction between - liberal currents that gravitated in the
direction of marketization and socialist and socialdemocratic currents
were more likely to align with forces for social protection.

It is all bundled in as progressive and left.

The distinction is important. From the radical left, capitalism is
the cause of social problems and economic change, redistribution
etc are the solution. Liberals don't see capitalism as part of the
problem. Both converge on the emancipatory, the common ground is
gender, multiculturalism etc but they differ when it comes to class.

This becomes extremely divisive for 'progressive' forces as a whole
particularly in the context of two party systems such as in the US or
UK for that matter.

The right accuse progressives of being hypocritical for empty
moralising or 'virtue signalling' when it comes to the interests
of working people. The basis for this is that by an large the
establishment left, Labour and the Democrats went along with a lot of
NeoLiberal policies for the past 30 years that have been disastrous.

The center left made its claims to a moral high ground over the right
based on its support for the interests of liberal emancipatory forces.
The common ground. They can only play that tune and ignore the economy
for so long. At the same time social democratic forces that would
favour a shift away from austerity and neoliberalism were co-opted
into perhaps what they believed was a lesser evil. It is not really
the economic policies that are the target of the right it is the
social and cultural. Whats worse is that the right are cynically using
this populist rhetoric to pit ordinary people against each other
and distract them from the disaster that is the economy. While they
continue to gut the welfare state. What is missing from the picture is
class. What is needed is class solidarity that rejects the divisive
language of the right and works for real economic reform.

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