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Re: <nettime> Ad Fraud: $5M A Day By Faking 300M Video Views

On Thu, 22 Dec 2016, Morlock Elloi wrote:

> Fascinating.


> There were previous attempts to monetize own attention-time by sharing the
> ad income between content providers and victims themselves, but it never
> worked because the opt-in/on-boarding was complex, and payments were
> expensive in the absence of efficient micropayment systems.

there was a brilliant net:art piece, I think it was first presented in
2005, by Alessandro Ludovico & Ubermorgen, called GWEI

as in Google Will Eat Itself, http://gwei.org

it relates pretty well as an artistic premonition of this.

> The questions are: what is the critical mass to kill the concept of
> online presence, and how long it will take.

I disagree. The question is the usual: how to make more money on top
of the inherent stupidity of the industry? this story demonstrated
that AI do not make the industry "smarter". It eventually becomes more
stupid, despite the fact this Forbes story tries to depict "russian
criminals" as "evil geniuses" from which Superman needs to defend us.

> >[looks like the most promising digital business model in years.]

ciao (and happy new Gregorian calendar year everyone)

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