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Re: <nettime> Steven Levy: Joi Ito Explains Why Donald Trump Is Like

   I also reacted to the flippant appropriation by Ito of Arab Spring
   takes an enormous amount of reduction to consider as a monolithic

   The whole thing made him sound like a neoliberal ambassador soothing
   public anxiety toward the deepening ties between Silicon Valley and
   government by offering apps and punk rock.

   I'm curious to know how Douglas Rushkoff reacts to this article. In
   light of his newest book and recent lectures
   i.e. https://youtu.be/87TSoqnZass

   , some of the most motivated folks I've worked with are Hollywood
   legacy. Through inheritance, they all sort of have UBI. In addition, I
   sometimes find myself self restricted in ambition precisely because my
   income is existential. This is me, and its anecdotal, but I hope it
   informs the discussion.

   all typed with thumbs...

   On Dec 16, 2016, at 10:13 AM, Donatella Della Ratta <ddr@mediaoriente.com> wrote:

   Hey MP,
   this might be a bit off-thread but i feel i would like to add
   something cause this really touches me in my daily work and life
   I understand that the way Joi used the expression "Arab Spring" might
   be misleading there, expecially being compared to Trump's election But
   it saddens me very deeply, having lived in the Arab world for many
   years and loving Arab culture and language , to hear that the Arab so
   called Spring cannot be something genuine and domestic but should have
   been orchestrated by the US

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