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Re: <nettime> Steven Levy: Joi Ito Explains Why Donald Trump Is Like

"If we don’t have to work and we all have free money,
what’s going to give us purpose?"

Great, more moralizing from someone who loves their job about how
jobs are not about surviving, they are about fulfilling some moral
component of humans that enjoy living a life of toil.

If you cannot find a purpose without a job, that's on you. But UBI is
an inherent part of any non-dystopic future precisely because this
fluffy position Joi presents ("you don't work for money, you work for
status and the glory of purpose") is already belied by the tedium and
purposelessness of so much work in the world.

For every Joi Ito living the dream, there are hundreds and thousands
of people who cannot live a life of purpose because they are locked
into a job for survival.

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