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Re: <nettime> Rise of the right: 'Anarchist' media in the Netherlands

   If we want to keep piling on the link-dump, here are some suggestions.
   The first is Jay Rosen with thoughts about the media and Trump, links
   to a BusinessInsider story a few months old where some of the folks who
   see themselves involved in this development express regret.

   Then BuzzFeed jumps in to discuss a similar effect in Italy as regards
   adherents to the 5-Star party.



   On Tue, Nov 29, 2016 at 6:53 PM, <[3]" Frederick FN Noronha फ���������ि�न"@mx.kein.org> wrote:

     [First, we thought not to approve this, because it's just a link
     and one of the un-ruly rules on nettime is that we don't want bare
     links that might sooner or later lead to nowhere. But in the context
     of the talk by Florian Cramer on the alt-right in the US, this clip
     by Al Jazeera on the rise of far-right media and their influence on
     the politicla discourse in the Netherlandṡ migþt be particulary
     pertinent. Mods]



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