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Re: <nettime> Happy birthday,!

They don't say how big is the entire collection, and there is no easy 
way to get a copy. They should provide for that.

The entire Wikipedia snapshot (sans hi-res images) these days is about 
50 Gb. Every laptop should carry one - offline access is amazingly fast, 
unbeatably private, and works everywhere.

My guess is that is under 1 Tb. In a year or two every new 
computer will have terabytes to spare. Whoever cares will be able to 
have a local copy of Wikipedia, and few other archives. It could 
prove to be an interesting end game to the content control wars.

The 'new' annual content is miniscule fraction of what already exists, 
and probably of lesser quality, bit for bit. The dictate for live 
updates is artificially imposed.

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>Dear fellow custodian,
> turns 20 this year. For about the same time the Internet

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