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Re: <nettime> Fwd: What is the meaning of Trump's Victory

Hi John,

Europe's population expansion was made possible by death rates falling
faster than birth rates for a century (the US by European immigration
and later from all over). After which birth rates fell to the point
where Europeans can no longer reproduce or defend themselves and they
hate the migrants who work to pay for ther pensions. Asia is rapidly
heading the same way. Africa is the only major region today with net
population growth rates (2.5% p.a., doubling every 30-odd years).

This was a consequence of industrial capitalism, through better food,
sanitation, health, urbanisation, machines and yes inanimate energy
for many, which only began to affect the general urban population
in their everyday lives from the 1860s. The electricity grids and
Edison's etc inventions from the 1880's allowed most Americans to have
convenient energy in their homes for the first time in the interwar
period. Mortality rates for the poor are still shockingly high there.
We were using coal with the odd light bulb in Manchester in the 1950s.

The Victorians valued plumbing at home and the ability to kill natives
at distance abroad more than steam engines as such. Their racism was
based on thinking they were smarter than the rest, not riding a coal
boom. WWI gave them a salutary lesson.

Attribution in an essay of that scope and under 2,000 words? In order
to satisfy cranks? To paraphrase Dylan at the end of Talking World War
3 Blues, "You can be in my dream, but I don't want to be in yours".


On Mon, Nov 28, 2016 at 5:54 PM, John Hopkins <>

> On 24/Nov/16 02:50, Keith Hart wrote:
>> including lands of temperate zone new settlement). Its expansion
>> was fuelleded by a demographic explosion, 1830-1930. It was the
>> main centre for imperialism and machine industry; Africa had a
>> share of only 7.5%, hardly any cities and almost no machines -- the
>> 'scramble for Africa' from the
> The expansion was fueled by coal energy which 'allowed' for
> population growth... attribution is important in this regard --
> population doesn't just 'grow' on nothing, it has to have a 'real'
> energy source to drive that expansion of the ordered expression of
> life...
> jh

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