Geert Lovink on Sun, 27 Nov 2016 13:24:02 +0100 (CET)

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<nettime> INC Black Fridayo Zero Shpping Appeal: Support our Publications!

     [As a rule, nettime doesn't accept crowdfunding requests. -- mods (fs/tb)]

   Dear nettimers,

   in these dark hours, our Institute of Network Cultures (here in
   Amsterdam) is starting its first-ever crowdfunding campaign to make the
   second MoneyLab Reader a printed reality. We need your help as
   important and core members of our network, and would like to ask your
   help getting the campaign off to a good start.

   Let me give you a bit of context. Next week is MoneyLab #3 in
   Amsterdam. As discussions about universal basic income, blockchain,
   platform cooperativism, cryptocurrencies, peer2peer distribution and
   financial surveillance are seeping into mainstream media, it's
   important to continue to analyse and evaluate their social and
   political origins.

   Amid recent international developments - such as the global race among
   the world's leading banks to turn blockchain into the infrastructure of
   the 21st century, the ongoing instability and precariaty of the
   artist/entrepreneur, the rise of post-globalized sovereign populism,
   perpetual austerity cuts to state and government sectors, the
   slow-motion implosion of the EU and fast-tracked rightward shift of
   many of its countries - we feel that it's time to produce a second
   MoneyLab reader.

   This time we're asking for your help!

   The whole process of researching, writing, editing, designing,
   producing and printing a publication like this requires EUR20.000.
   About one-fourth of that is spent on printing 2-4000 copies of the
   reader, an amount we are currently unable to raise through our usual
   funds. Even the INC cannot escape budget cuts. We're a tiny
   organization and are now faced with internal budget cuts, the loss of
   two positions and a never-ending row of failed funding requests (OK..
   one cannot expect funders here in NL where pragmatic optimism is the
   defailt, to like criticism... we know that).

   A multitude of nettime subscribers are part of the network around the
   INC and early contributions have been shown to be very important in the
   success of a campaign like this. That's why I would like to ask you to
   consider donating whatever you can in the coming days. Of course,
   sharing the campaign with you network is highly appreciated as well!

   <> to read 
   more about the campaign and donate whatever you can!

   If you want to support us otherwise, that's also possible, for instance
   if you want to include us in your funding network and next reseach
   application. Let's discuss what we can do together, specially in these
   troubling times. Venceremos!

   Geert Lovink and the entire INC team

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