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<nettime> Meantime, in the real world (who runs Xen?)

The discourse both on the left and on the right is increasingly becoming
an exercize in irrelevance. 

Trapped in their little VMs all sides compete for CPU cycles without
having to offer anything whatsoever. The ultimate goal of identity
politics and personalization (as if there is any difference between the
two) has been reached - one person per VM, and there is no where to
further subdivide. 

We are witnessing the death spiral of virtualized politics. The model
has completely lost the capability to predict the future. The talking
heads (including current, upcoming and wannabe heads of state) spit out
words that have absolutely nothing to do with intentions. These words
then spawn eddy currents of more CPU waste, etc. etc.

The latest example is a call for 1-day general strike on the US
inauguration day. 


One day general strike. 30-minute love affair. 1-week MBA degree.

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