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Re: <nettime> What is the meaning of Trump's victory? Platonism

   Hi Angela,

   Just one thought: you wrote that

   "�I�leave that to�Platonists. I do think that every person who voted
   for Trump is a racist �etc.�   But Platonism (I mean the way you interpret Platon) precisely implies
   to say� "is" Y! It's precisely a way to define someone by his or her
   being/essence! And so the problem is that it's a dead end, because the
   same persons who have voted for Obama and who now have voted for Trump,
   were they racist or not racist? Did they become racist? And if they
   vote for a quasi-Clinton next time, would it mean that they will not be
   racist anylonger?�
   �stead of essentializing people, I think it might be more productive
   to speak about: the racism of X or the racism implied by this action or
   - and then I absolutely agree with what you said - the fact that this
   action is racist because of its effects and because for some people�  "it was not a deal-breaker" to vote for Trump.

   �think that to pass from a subject to her or his acts open the
   possibility for a change. The goal is not to escape responsibility, but
   to create a distance between a subject and his or her acts in order to
   open the possibility for another kind of acts - acts that will be

   My best,

   Frederic�   2016-11-18 3:28 GMT-06:00 Angela Mitropoulos <>:


     >And to argue that all forms of social solidarity that existed in
     >the post-war period (such as the welfare state, unions, community
     >churches and so on) where simple white solidarity seems also overly

     Polanyi's understanding of social solidarity stretches much, much
     further back than the mid-20th c, post-war period, all the way to
     some pre-capitalist paradise that never existed.

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