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Re: <nettime> What is the meaning of Trump's

> For a glimpse into the future of "news", take a look at the New Yorker's
> portrait of Mike Cernovich:

dear Sebastian,

thanks for the link. I just wanted to add that an article about
Cernovich without mentioning Scott Adams (Dilbert creator) might be
missing some puzzle piece for a glimpse into the future of

Disclaimer: I'm not supporting their world views, just found the
description of techniques and how to spot them sometimes really
interesting and spot-on.

Adams is his "twitter buddy" and the "softer" version, see his blog
worth looking at it to understand certain techniques. Adams deserves
some credit for making reasonable predictions and analyses.

Starting September 2015 with

"On a scale from 1 to 10, if Steve Jobs was a 10, Trump is a 15."

Predicting GOP nomination and and possible win, and how that is even
possible.  Describing the persuasion stuff imho really well.

A classic and worth looking 8 minutes video "Linguistic Kill Shots"
from Oct. 6th 2015, Adams describing the Trump during the primaries:

"You know how the media has made fun of Trump’s 4th-grade-level speech 
The joke’s on them.
He does it intentionally.
Because it works."

The reason why I bring this up is that Trump is of course not the only
doing this.  In Austria presidential candidate Hofer is on the same
track, 4th December is the date, last time it was little bit close, we
will see how it will go down this time.

Also for that upcoming election the quote from Adams fits regarding how
things are handled in Austria ...

"He is the guy who brought a flamethrower to a stick fight."

best regards,

*) Some stuff we have seen already during the Brexit campaign. Given
that the whole political advisor circus takes the "learnings" from the
US to Europe over the next years we will have the pleasure to have more
trumply and bigly campaigns. (i.e. .AT Lo(w)patka)

Further links

Here is Cernovich interviewed, imho more "raw and real" than the article

imagine a potential Trump voter lets say from the Midwest watch that in
comparison to reading the article about Cernovich.

Scott & Cernovich

for German speaking people - Analyse von Norbert Hofer

Btw. regarding the techniques Cialdini's new book "pre-suasion" is out.
nudge, nudge!

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