Frederic Neyrat on Fri, 11 Nov 2016 15:44:41 +0100 (CET)

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Re: <nettime> What is the meaning of Trump's victory?

Dear Angela Mitropoulos,

Thanks for your email and your text, that I just read. I have a question
and I hope I will be able to formulate it correctly: do you think that
there is a connection - or not - between
neo-liberalism/capitalism/democracy of economy (I don't know the name you
use/prefer) and racism?

 Here is my thought: as I don't think that racism is just a natural
passion/affect/drive, I try to understand where it comes from. And, as I
try to understand what happened in the USA, I thought that the
neoliberal/capitalist/economic destruction of the economic, cultural,
symbolic conditions of a certain number of white people, who however voted
for Obama during the two last elections (at least some of them), fueled,
generated or regenerated racism and a reactionary moment: to restore
(or/and produce) a patriarchal/racist/misogynistic situation. If I'm a
right, and maybe I'm not, then I see two problematic blind spots:
1/ the first one would be to only focus on "neoliberalism" in being blind
to racism and the reactionary attempt to restore white suprematism (I think
that this attempt will fail, necessarily and fortunetely, but for sure
before it fails some disasters will occur), and I think that your article
help us to avoid this position;

2/ the second one would be to disconnect racism from a certain number of
economic conditions and to avoid naming - whatever the name - the economic
structure that reawakens or creates the worst. Is there not something
racist, from the beginning, in capitalism?

Please, let me know your thoughts,

In solidarity,

Frederic Neyrat

2016-11-10 23:55 GMT-06:00 Angela Mitropoulos <>:

> Brian, re this:
> The great achievement of the US Democratic Party since 1968, which I
> don't mean to deny in any way, is to to have made all those groups
> formerly called "minorities" into crucial components of a voting bloc.
> That's a starting point. Now let's ditch the financial elites that
> currently control the Democratic Party, and replace them with at least
> a part of the working class, or the so-called "majority" (which is
> another desperate minorty in its own right, like all of us).


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