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Re: <nettime> Cybernetics and the Pioneers of Computer Art

Dear Armin,

The "and" between cybernetics and pioneers of computer art is relevant
in my article, but not in your critic. For other relevant artists see
my "History of Computer Art".

The lecture on "Cybernetics and the Pioneers of Computer Art"
summarizes my efforts to propose a start of the History of Computer
Art. Don´t forget: I began my research on this start with articles
and catalogues on New Tendencies: Bonacic remained, meanwhile computer
graphics were exhibited in Zagreb, too. In 1968/69 the theorists
Bense and Moles as well as the artists Noll, Nees, Nake and Franke
were relevant in Zagreb, too ("bit inernational" 1 and 2, 1968 ;
"tendencies 4", 1969). "New Tendencies" sustained the context of my
investigation meanwhile you try to suggest that I undermine it.

On Vladimir Bonacic: read URL:

I mention other early computer graphics beside Noll, Nees and Nake in History of Computer Art, chap. II.2, ann.41 (URL: " Electronic Associates Incorporated (EAI): Stained Glass Window, 1963; Bäumer, Wolfgang: Untitled, 1963/64; Kawano, Hiroshi: Design 2-1 Markov Chain Pattern, 1964; Sumner, Lloyd: Eye´s Delight, 1964."
In "Cybernetics and the Pioneers of Computer Art" I refer to it in ann.41 (URL:

For the second time you use my contributions to nettime for a self-advertisement of your book on "New Tendencies" - with inadequate reasons, because you do not criticise my discueeion of the relation between cybernetics and early computer art.


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