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Re: <nettime> Thomas Frank: Forget the FBI cache; the Podesta emails

On Thu, 03 Nov 2016, Armin Medosch wrote:

> this is a very bad article, I don't see the point of publishing it on
> nettime.

I hope the moderators pay extra attention with the coming avalanche of
post-election analyses . the risk is to have more boring stuff.

I just have a pressing question:

Is it finally The End of the Samson-like tragedy of the...
... "institutional left"?

The Lesson wasn't learned with Brexit, nor with Austrian elections,
but now finally with US it really should. All the past year passed
with colleagues across Europe working on bottom-up political movements
http://dcentproject.eu and the only ones who did the homework is the
pop-ulist far-right.

now the only... pop... left... is going to be that of the market.

and the Valley YOLOs will blame the bubble burst on Trump, pretending
there was no crisis otherwise.


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