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Re: <nettime> PTS post trump syndrome - the suicide of the west

I was also confident that Clinton would win. And I was even hoping
she would win, but what was I hoping for. I was hoping for the
continuation of a system that I know full well is unsustainable and
its continuation is undesirable.

Of course, I was hoping for that because the alternative on offer is
far worse, but it's now the second time (after Brexit) that a majority
of the people if presented with the choice between "status quo" and
"crazy unknown" (barely dressed-up as jolly old times) chooses the
latter. That says something about the status quo.

I think the prospect for continental Europe is pretty grim. The
template is now well established: undermine political discourse, make
people confused and afraid and they will fall of authoritarians. Putin
has perfected it, and now it has been translated to Europe and the US.

However, on the continent, the choice of the coming elections
will be between "status quo" and "good old times", no unknowns
here. The promie it to restore the welfare state, but with harsh
exclusion/discrimination based on nationality/ethnicity/religion.
That was the used to be the winning formula of the 1930s and it might
well be it again the late 2010s. 

Austria is next, and the "soziale Heimatpartei" is ready and fired up.
We will know if civil society remains stronger here on Dezember 4th. The
political parties have already given up.


On 2016-11-09 06:39, Alex Foti wrote:
> i went to bed confident clinton would win, seeing all those long
> lines of people apparently voting to fend off the unthinkable but the
> unthinkable happened
> i'm at a complete loss to imagine our collective future and so i turn
> to you nettimers in this dawn of despair-


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