Alex Foti on Wed, 9 Nov 2016 15:25:54 +0100 (CET)

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<nettime> PTS post trump syndrome - the suicide of the west

i went to bed confident clinton would win, seeing all those long
lines of people apparently voting to fend off the unthinkable but the
unthinkable happened

i'm at a complete loss to imagine our collective future and so i turn
to you nettimers in this dawn of despair-

white-skinned fascism has prevailed in america. i never thought it
would happen. i forecasted brexit but i didn't think the obama years
would lead to this reactionary upsurge.

euros have been orphaned by anglos and are now in danger of fascism
themselves. putin is rejoicing and china will be able to crack down
hong kong and expand into the china sea without any problem. the
system of int'l institutions created after 1945 is dead paper. nato?

this was an anti-globalization but certainly not an anti-inequality
vote. the most rabidly anti-labor and anti-immigration president in us
history. and even worse, fossil capitalism has won and climate change
won't be "mitigated" as it's fashionable to say these days.

blacks and latinos have to fear for their lives. this is a nra
candidate. it's worse than reagan dubya and charlton heston rolled
into one. it's reality tv ruling the world. berlusconi was an example,
but this is fundamentalism and extremism pure and simple.

an age of chaos and isolationism opens. dunno how it will play out in
the eu. renzi hollande merkel could be gone in 2017. for the middle
east this is tragic. aleppo could well fall now.

sorry had to write not to shed bitter tears


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