Patrice Riemens on Fri, 28 Oct 2016 11:30:59 +0200 (CEST)

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Re: <nettime> Franco Berardi & Geert Lovink: Zero Work is the

On 2016-10-26 23:05, Morlock Elloi wrote:
> Social can move a lot, without consequences. It is not clear at all
> that that any kind of "social movement" is effective way to change
> anything in the 21st century. Maybe we are in the post-social movement
> age, where some other mechanisms rule, and waiting for the "right"
> social movement is a total waste of time.

Morlock Elloi's going to kill all our illusions! Smash that barometer!

> Then again, one may apply the time-tested test as to what is
> effective: what can get you shot. Usually unrelated to keyboard
> activities.

And that last is not true at all (do I here someone shouting 'BS!'),
as the unfortunate kina dn friends of murdered Iraqi, Saudi,
Pakistani, Bangladeshi and Indian bloggers can attest (and probably in
many more nationalities in the Global South).

In our lands (the 'Global North') what has come recently to worry
me more is that advanced tech has made physical escape essentially
impossible. That came up in a conversation where escape scenarios for
Julian Assange out of his CD hole came up: none credible. With the
equipment now in hands of the power that be, you don't get your body
out of any place if they don't want you to. And I think, that's really
new, and part of the quantum jump towards total control technology has
made possible.

Welcome to the new world, it may be the same as the old world, but
then better - or worse. The old dream of the Indian Railways has been
realised: "ticketless traveller, you cannot escape!"

Nothing to cheer about,

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