Wolfie Christl on Sun, 9 Oct 2016 18:32:35 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime> Networks of Control, a summary of today's surveillance economy

Hi nettimers,

I wrote an extensive report on how today's online platforms, data
brokers, credit reporting agencies, insurers, app developers and tech
companies are collecting, analyzing, sharing and making use of vast
amounts of personal information, together with my co-author Sarah
Spiekermann from Vienna University of Economics and Business. Our report
is based on years of research and 900 sources, and shows how networks of
companies are constantly tracking, profiling, categorizing, rating and
affecting the lives of billions in real-time – across platforms, devices
and life contexts. It does not only expose the full degree and scale of
today’s personal data industry, but also contains tons of examples about
the practical use of predictive analytics and scoring in fields such as
insurance, personal finance, employment, political campaigning or fraud
prevention, and shows how data-driven decisions on people lead to
discrimination and social exclusion.

It's available as an open-access PDF download (and as a book):

Sorry for pointing to my own publication, but I believe it could be a
useful contribution to some of the debates on nettime in recent years.

Feedback welcome!

Cheers from Vienna,


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